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Elk is now in main roster - 25 Oct 2018 13:14


Fusion University primary support participant Elijah Hudson"Elk" Gallagher was promoted to the Philadelphia Fusion's most important roster for Season 2 of those Overwatch League.

Elk played the Fusion University in Season Two and One of Contenders North America 2018. Fusion University were crowned back-to-back winners after beating Toronto Esports at the Season 1 Grand Final and XL2 at the Season 2 Grand Final.

We've signed @elk into a official @overwatchleaguecontract…aaand have traded him into the @NHLFlyers for those rights to @GrittyNHL.

In their statement, the Fusion joked that they had encouraged Elk into the Fusion's roster and promptly exchanged him Gritty, the mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers NHL team.


But seriously.

"Elk continues to be an outstanding player for us. It's easy to forget how young he's given his professionalism and maturity. He plays with a cerebral fashion and research the game continuously. We are thrilled to have him connect the Fusion!"

— @BLT

—@Fusion on Twitter

Elk will be a powerful addition to the Philadelphia roster. While the Fusion have two powerful, beginning supports, Boombox and neptuNo, Elk provides more flexibility and stability into the Fusion roster, no doubt bringing several new substitution selections for your group.

Additionally to answer two questions I got requested.

1. Did you have to decide on mix: no, I needed to proceed with mix cause the grade of the org and group

2. Does a two way contract mean you will play largely in contenders? : the starting lineup for every OWL game/map will probably be whats best for your group

—@elk on Twitter

Elk also affirmed that his contract is a two-way contract, which that he could compete at both Contenders and Overwatch League matches with some constraints . After Elk plays in over two Overwatch League matches at a period, he'll shed his Contenders eligibility. - Comments: 0

Zenyatta figure | BlizzShop - 25 Oct 2018 13:12


Within the course of the past several months, Blizzard has jumped onto the collectible figure rail. The group finished at Blizzard has teamed up with the Goodsmile Company once more to bring out everybody's favorite Omnic healer, Zenyatta.

In the Blizzard gear site, we Could get a little bit more detail about the figure and everything it includes:

  • A flexible plastic is used in certain places, permitting proportions to be stored without undermining posability.
  • Optional parts comprise his Orb of Destruction, Orb of Harmony, Orb of Discord plus also a Transcendence effect sheet.
  • A total of 14 distinct hand parts are included, including combined hands, a peace sign hand, extending hands and much more.
  • Additionally included is a articulated Figma rack to ease different exciting poses.

The figure is now available for pre-order here, on the Blizzard equipment site, and will only set you back $79.99 USD before taxation. The figure is currently now slated to ship at the end of Q3 2019, and that means you've got an entire year to wait for this bad boy to emerge. Which for almost any die-hard fan, might not seem that long in any way.

The Zenyatta Figma has become the first time hero to be inserted to the Overwatch lineup of Figma figures, after D.Va. Using a healer finally being added into the combination of the new line of characters, that are you expecting Goodsmile and Blizzard launch ? - Comments: 0

Let's talk with Hayes - 25 Oct 2018 13:10


You may even say the Overwatch World Cup was exciting and hyped this season, with most of those Overwatch League's staff and players linking their residence country's groups.

For Team United Kingdom, we've got London Spitfire's very own Stylosa as well as also the Philadelphia Fusion's trainer, Elliot"Hayes" Hayes joining forces since the general manager and coach, respectively.

The featured picture for this particular post was supplied by Robert Paul to get Blizzard Entertainment.

"I think next year is going to be redemption." -Hayes

For people who are not familiar with everything you can do, can you explain your function together with all the London Spitfire?

Stylosa: I am rather the British Consultant. What I do is that I assist them with lots of the behind the scenes things which we [fans/viewers] do not actually see. At first, the program was for me to generate a great deal of content together with the group, but of course, I am at the U.K. and they are in L.A.


The fantastic news is, we're bringing them over to the U.K. following month for a rather long excursion . I believe that is a last-minute excursion we have planned, and there ought to be a good deal of content that gets generated afterward. I believe clearly I am kind of the perfect mascot for the group, when it concerns the relationship with the British crowd.

Past the public confronting things, I signify the group openly, but I do not… It is kinda boring to describe. I help with varying marketing actions we perform behind the scenes, several kinds of new integrations we may want to perform with patrons, assist them with articles management plans, using their societal networking strategy.

So there's some administrative things.

I understand you're there.

Stylosa: ! I'm positive Hayes appreciated that! For me personally I recall watching the Atlantic Showdown in Gamescom, the dwell closing and there was perhaps 40 or 50 people in the audience there, due to German legislation — you can not exhibit, I believe like"the act of killing" or some thing, to the general public. They need to be 18, so they can be allowed in the region. Therefore it was sort of supporting large curtains… But you proceed into the World Cup and that, then suddenly you are in Brooklyn, and you are in this huge arena and you are like… It does not even look real. It simply seems absolutely insane.

I mean, it must have been completely mad for Hayes too, together with him being… that I simply don't. It simply blows my mind. It is mad. - Comments: 0

aKm about their advantages - 25 Oct 2018 13:08


In 2017, Rogue took six first set names, and were regrettably not able to procure a group slot at the Overwatch League, therefore that they disbanded, and everybody became a free agent.

People began to speculate that perhaps the older Rogue group was gradually coming back together.

While the older Rogue squad didn't go back to the Overwatch League on one group, five associates did reunite to the year's Overwatch World Cup to represent France. Following the second day of drama in Paris, I sat down with aKm to speak about what it was like playing in the front of the home audience, playing old buddies, and much more.


Interview with aKm

So I have experienced back in 2012, but that was nothing compared to now. I believe esports in France have exploded, in a sense, so there is so many fans people, the French group, right today. Having the ability to play a home audience is excellent, you can sense the energy moving through your entire body. It is like something bewitching.

You may feel it from the media area!


You can notice it, the walls could shake.

Now there is a couple of French players at the Overwatch League, do you think kind of funneled to this and the high heeled? Just like the hype in the Overwatch League?

I am not sure. Yeah I think players enjoy Poko, SoOn, me and uNKOE, we've got a massive fanbase. We have been enjoying the game for a couple of decades back in Rogue we had a massive fanbase too, so it sort of transformed to that.

I have never really experienced that type of energy at the Overwatch League, it is not quite as loudly as here, for instance. However, I think with a good deal of fans out of the Overwatch League really helped with that lots of fans here, too.

It had been, it had been. Since Overwatch League resembles, many enthusiast are cheering for numerous groups, but they are not really cheering for you. French lovers are like, 95 percent of the folks here are just cheering for one group. So it is definitely something better for me as a participant, I believe for the entire group for a group.

But yeah, it was clearly an entirely different thing. - Comments: 0

California Cup: Valiant and Collegiate teams - 25 Oct 2018 13:05


There is nothing more Californians enjoy over California sports rivalries. Now, with all the Overwatch League, We've Got the San Francisco Shock, the Los Angeles Valiant as well as the Los Angeles Gladiators creating a Fantastic three-way competition in esports.

Only a bit under a week ago, that the San Francisco Shock and Los Angeles Valiant declared the first ever Overwatch California Cup. The event will be held in two parts — October 20th in the Esports Arena at Santa Ana in Southern California, and November 10th in the Esports Arena at Oakland, in Northern California. Both groups will be enjoying their brand new rosters, and fans will find the chance to meet gamers, get their autographs, and revel in some excellent Overwatch.

All four of those colleges have excellent reputations in Southern California due to their commitment to esports.

UC Irvine hosts several esports occasions, in addition to an esports women summer camp. UC San Diego was hosting TGEX, a gambling and esports event held on campus. UCLA hosts many occasions too, and also have worked together with Los Angeles Overwatch League teams, and Esports in Cal took home their next Tespa championship at this year's Overwatch Fiesta Bowl. Do you know that most of the professional working at the overwatch boosting services?


Telephones are available for your Southern California occasion, which you may get by clicking . Tickets begin at $25 USD, together with VIP packages which range from $50-75 USD.

If you're planning on cosplaying, please make certain that you read the instructions posted on the ticketing page. Any other queries can be made to the L.A. Valiant and S.F. Shock social networking webpages. - Comments: 0

Team Envy is looking for a team member! - 25 Oct 2018 13:01


Can you Adore Team Envy and the Dallas Gas? Have you got great video editing expertise? Well we've got some fantastic information for you! Team Envy declared over on Twitter which they're now seeking to fill a Video Editing position.

The is a location situated in Dallas, TX in the Envy Gambling headquarters in Downtown. The offender who Team Envy is searching for will have the duty of assisting in driving websites participation for the two Envy and the Dallas Fuel.


The perfect candidate will possess extensive experience with video editing and motion images, in addition to comprehension of esports, video games, and pop culture.

  • DFW established or prepared to relocate
  • 3years experience with Non-Linear Editing Software (Premiere favored, we're an Adobe home )
  • 3+ years experience with Photoshop
  • Experience with After Effects or Cinema 4D is a significant plus but not a necessity
  • Expertise with editing long-form and short-form articles
  • Experience with complimentary ramble cameras, presentation files, and replay files from games like: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, along with Fortnite.
  • Experience in producing sizzle reels, teasers, or trailers
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities
  • manage to edit music and beats to assist excite the narrative
  • Awareness of various movie platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, along with Twitch
  • the capability to operate in a group environment
  • Strong sense of responsibility and responsibility
  • be highly organized with document arrangement
  • Thrive in a fast paced environment
  • Capability to manage several projects at one time and keep quality under strain
  • A powerful urge to come up with a new identity and accommodate new fashions to movie demands.

In the event that you or somebody you know will be interested in this particular position, the program is available here. - Comments: 0

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